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LED Textile

Product & Launch Strategy

In collaboration with: Pinar Barlas, Mrinali Kamath

The first affordable LED textile with 72 pixels per inch (ppi) density and 120Hz refresh rate.

- built-in battery life of 24 hours
- wireless self charging from temperature differences & motion
- machine washable


Creative proposals highlighting how the textile can be utilised and who the company should target first.


Taking an Enterprise direction

- manufacturing, assembly and distribution is handled by partners
- can target specific enterprise problems
- can reach a set number of users at once
- control over content, crafted specific to each brand

white label brand

While label brand licensing the LED textile.
We partner with consumer-facing brand to create unique, impactful products and experiences.
Our brand: LUCID

Launch in hospitality

benefits for lucid

- exposure to brand decision makers staying in hotels
- content for social media
- easy test & maintenance in contained rooms

benefits for hotels

- unique room for each guest
- differentiation

benefits for users

- change look & feel of the room at any time
- get information
- play

Launch Partner

"We're working with intelligent, informed, modern travelers that want to go to special places that are modern, chic, stylish and unique. They don't look for sameness, they look for differentiators; whether it's art, whether it's furnishings."

- for park hyatt - Glen Pushelberg - Co-founder of Yabu Pushelberg

How It Works

When the guest checks in, the concierge proposes a theme for the guest room.

This information will appear in the native App installed on the iPads that the guest will take with them to the room.

Before the room key is inserted in the key slot, the room will appear as a simple, classic design.

In the "Beach" theme, the guest's room turns into an interactive one, where the carpet, the curtains and all the other decorative elements play Sea-related videos. For a better immersive feeling, the guest can choose the "light sensitive mode" which dims the light on the LED textiles to match the day light. The video

In the "Classic" Theme, the guest can choose between a static or a moving pattern of a classic, Victorian Style theme and can try it out in a large variety of colours.

In the "Travel" Theme, the carpet turns into an interactive map. When the guest steps on the touristic locations, the curtain offers the view of the place and information about it.

The young guests are also welcome and they have their own interactive game and cartoon theme.



News Website Interface

Online publication exploring life and culture through thematic, visually oriented international coverage and commentary.

Pages represented:

Concept for Home Page
Concept for Tier 1 - short story
Concept for Tier 2 - long story


The Future of Play: a geofriendly spatial competition

ASK: Concept and design a competitive game that takes place in a boundaryless zero g environment.

did you know?

...that there are more than 25.000 pieces of space debris larger than a tennis ball floating uncontrollably around our planet at a speed of over 8 km/s?

... not to mention the other smaller 200.000.000 pieces!!

BUT There are some solutions!

Various space organisations proposed concepts & solutions to clean the debris. These are just a few examples:

A Space Debris Slingshot 

Texas A&M University's Sling-Sat Space Sweeper proposes swinging capturing an object, swinging it towards Earth's atmosphere, and then using the momentum to sail on to the next piece of space debris for removal. 

Snagging and Moving Space Junk

The e.DeOrbit mission would seek out satellite debris in a polar orbit at an altitude between 800 and 1,000 kilometers (500 to 620 miles). The European Space Agency is considering several kinds of "capture mechanisms" to pick up the debris, such as nets, harpoons, robotic arms and tentacles.

A giant Pac-Man to gobble up space debris

The space cleanup satellite CleanSpace One will deploy a conical net to capture small satellite pieces before destroying them in the atmosphere.
CleanSpace One could be launched as early as 2018 in collaboration with the company S3, headquartered in Payerne.


proposes to turn space junk into action figures

The Game

Teams of astronauts are given an amount of collected space debris and are required to build avatars on pre-built rig structures, controllable from Earth.

The Materials

Each team will be designated an amount of collected space debris. This will constitute the main material for the avatar skin.

The Team

will consist of 5 to 7 astronauts who will work close together and with the team on Earth to build the skin of the avatar

The Rigs Structure

will be controlled by athletes on Earth with sensors connected to their main joints. This will constitute the skeleton of the avatar. The avatar will be used in the future for different kinds of space performances.

Hover over the elements to find out more


There will be 4 teams, in 4 spatial glass boxes, each assigned a similar amount of materials that they can customise to their like.

An international jury will grade the teams based on:

- speed
- creativity
- originality
- technique
- flexibility of the final avatars


The Mission

Converting the orbital space debris into actors on a floating stage, for a new kind of entertainment.

The Vision

Creating a more cooperative and engaged society that would join creativity to clean the planet's orbit and build an outer space arena for the future of play & perform.

Imagine the next generation of athletes and the universe as their arena...


Cristina Enache



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