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My story starts some place, in Space,
about 5 light years in the distance.

I come from a tiny planet called Q,
Where the skies are yellow and the trees are blue
You’d love it there too! All we do is play
I would personally still be there
if it wasn’t for that day...


That day, out of a silly stumbling accident – the kind that has the power to irreversibly change your fate - I ran into an old space vehicle, probably buried for eras in the yellow mellow field behind my house. At first, I had no idea what it was as I had never seen anything alike. I had learned about these things in school but also learned that none of them managed to survive the claws of time. Also, nobody could verify the veridicality of the legends we knew about them.

I got inside, just out of curiosity. I imagine any of you earthly creatures would have done the same thing. Curiosity is typical for a lot of beings on Q and Earth as well.

I don’t remember too much of my first reactions inside – while still on Q – although I’ve been trying really hard all this time. I wish I knew what I pressed, what I did or what I thought that particular moment, as the next one everything started to move and tremble and I suddenly felt catapulted up with an impossible speed. I lost my conscience pretty fast and I cannot really say for how long.

As I restarted to acknowledge my presence and existence I realized I was still in that vehicle.  I looked around: computers, clocks, buttons, monitors - everything user-friendly and with a detailed-self-explanatory-
robot-guide. I saw a map of a navigated path from my house to my new position in space. It took me a while to figure out what it was and where I was. But when I did, I must tell you I was dumbfounded of how impressively long I had travelled.

Our dearly Star was just a flickering white dot among many others. I was becoming aware that I had totally lost my sense of time, of weight and

even my colours were starting to fade out. I panicked. Despaired. Cried. Vomited. I have to admit I was scared. I had one million thoughts but couldn’t manage to find one to get me actively moving.

When I did finally manage to get up, I started exploring my “vehicle” and it turned out I wasn’t travelling in a tiny capsule or any of the sorts, but rather in an enormous castle-like spaceship. The front window, made of a very think transparent sheet, was the next shock. I was frozen. The immensurable extent of beauty unfolding before my eyes simply stopped my breath for a few moments (seconds? hours?). I suddenly became aware of my heart beating and that was warming me from the inside. I started to recover my faith, my hope.. I was no longer afraid. I decided to embrace my fate and explore the opportunity I was given.

The Deep

I sailed through space for an unknown period of time. I had all these complicated machinery and technology that I or my species had never ever dreamt of having, managing to calculate the position of black holes, celestial bodies and quantum transporters (a particular type of artificial black holes used for teleporting by spatial travellers), but I was completely outside of time, with no possibility to determine the difference between hours, seconds or days.
I was travelling through matter, time and space in search of a little star which could heat up another world. Millions of little planets and other cosmic bodies guided my way.

You think travelling through space is hard? You’re right! But the toughest job was getting in the field of this Star.
The Oort Cloud with all the chaotic asteroids and comets did cause me some headaches.


The Kuiper Belt







Little glimmering planets were lazily revolving around this shining point.



The Asteroid Belt





As I was getting closer I was absorbed by the beauty and complexity of this stellar system. 8 planets with different properties, colours and lots of satellites of their own gravitate around this star. I can’t express the excitment I felt exploring them and learning about them.

One especially caught my attention: a blueish-
white planet, covered in water and various forms of land, with a beautiful, clear atmosphere, capable of sustaining life. “This is it!” i said to myself “This is my way!”

So I decided to park my vehicle and get a closer look.

The Sun

ANd Then
I discovered
life on terra

Oh, the surprise! The joy!
The marvel of seeing life again!

I met
the HUman

...this little creature so similar to us. I discovered its way to communicate, its senses, its weaknesses and strengths. All full of mystery, wonder, contrasts and paradoxes. So full of flaws, yet so perfect! I needed to explore this diversity. What is it all about?

I researched everything I could about this planet, I learned the most spoken language to help me through and then I started to plan my infiltration. I chose the destiny of a teenage girl in Bucharest, Romania. Why? Because it’s a beautiful country, full of contrasts, with enough possibilities, with lovely, caring humans, but also enough obliviousness to inconspicuously dive in. 

I Travelled
around Terra

on sea
on land
on air
teleporting is not an option yet
on this little planet

Met a lot of
interesting people

So many names
So many faces
So many souls
So many different cultures
So may different languages
So many perspectives
So many ideas
So many ways

kept them together...

I discovered their hobbies

I experimented some. I explored simple, earthly fun.


...this human invention that makes your spirit tremble with emotion.

I discovered dance

... the other human invention that makes the body accompany the spirit in this emotional musical vibration.

Suddenly, I started to see life on Earth in different colours.

and then

the architects of these uplifting emotions
I got inspired by them and let them teach me. I even played along with them.
I let them move me, shake me, until I fell in love with them.

AND realised...

...that in the end, there is one thing that keeps them and all of us together, one thing that gives sense to all the beauty and the ugly, all the light and the darkness, all the colours, sounds, shapes and forms, to the entire matter, space and time; there is one thing that makes the universe and our lives spin: love -
and that is the core of it all.
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